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I was thinking.. Hoops and theaters might not be the best idea I think I might just go in mundnaes. 
Which theater is closest to Abuellos? I'm still learning my way around the city. 
So far there are at least 5 in my crew.. maybe more.. will nail them down next week.

Samarrah bint Annaan <samarrah_bint_annaan at yahoo.com> wrote: 
 I Agree with Siobhan that dinner AFTER would be a better Idea.
 When we originally thought of doing this for the opening we had planned on doing Elizabethan Garb for that night, however being that protectorate is the same weekend, that's a no go.  So I think we should at LEAST do garb and possibly see if the management would save a section of the theatre seats for thos of us IN Garb so that we don't have to negotiate seating with the general public.  
 And I like Kat's idea of buying the tickets in Advance.  (we did this for the 300 and it worked out well).  Also, we may want to make reservations for dinner.  We'd look the coolest at Abuellos as it's decorated like an old Spanish courtyard.  (and the margaritas are to DIE for)  LOL.  Not to mention they have the good grace to employ a certain specail Namronian!  Being a friday night an accurate headcount and a reservation will save a LOT of time and headaches.
 Ideas?  Opinions?
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