[Namron] Greetings unto the Populace of the Barony of Namron

John Gillin bonz6x at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 1 07:28:21 PDT 2007

Greetings and Salutations, unto the Baron and Baroness, the gentyl Lords and Ladies and the Populace-at-Large, of the Barony of Namron, doth Wylfred of Morganvayle send unto all.
  My purpose in sending out this missive is multifacited... It may prove to be rather lengthy... I pray that I shall put none to sleep or glaze eyes over, in the process, whilst ye read...
  First I do send greetings, and with them say,  I have fond rememberance of many GOOD TIMES had at many many many Gulf Wars, in company of, or in mock confict with, Members of this esteemed populace... (Whilst I was the subject of His Majesty Trimaris)
  I am recently (within the last 18 months) arrived from the Kingdom of Trimaris... and have taken up residency along a main roadway (I-35) at a crossing point of the Red River, on the southern borders of the Northern Region of Ansteorra (near the mundane town of Gainesville TX).  This location is truly halfway between Somewheres, yet in the middle of Nowheres... a fairly isolated outpost at best... Yet 'tis a quaint spot... fertile and rich farmland, trees and groves and beautiful vistas. Thus far, since my arrival in Ansteorra, I have been distracted mainly by the mundanities of LIFE, you know... little things like obtaining food, clothing and shelter and establishing myself here in this place. Out of a wilderness, I have carved out and cleared an adequate amount of land to support the small manorhouse... and thus far have atleast ONE large building (24x36) which can serve as workshops for craftsman and artisans, where armor, weapons and tradegoods may be produced. A
 cement pond exists, where one can escape the heat of summer and cool oneself in the clear fresh waters. There is an appropriate area for a target archery range, adequate water and grazing lands for livestock (and dragon parking), and many shaded spaces where encampments could be set under the Oaks... PLENTY of places where people could hit each other with sticks, chase each other through the woods with spears and such... as well as poke and shake long metal pointy things at each other.... and I imagine a place can be designated for a fire pit, where bardic activities and revelry could fill the night air with song, sounds,  joy and laughter. All this is obviously contingent upon if and/or when any visitors or travellers may happen by. However, all this being said... Lo' all these 18 months... time has passed and my hunger for a greater degree of Scadian friendship and companionship grows with each passing day...
  Alas, I find myself MILES from "civilization"... and so I now inquire and ask: Are there members of the populace who reside anywhere around or near my location (76240)? For instance in the (mundane) Towns along or near the Red River, perhaps as far north of me as Ardmore, or even Durant OK... or in the Counties of Marshall, Bryan, Love, Carter or Johnson OK????? 
  If so... I would LOVE to hear from you... and you are asked and welcomed to send a private email to this address at Yahoo: bonz6x at yahoo.com
  I have been in contact with the Kingdom Senechal, and have made the inquiries pertaining to the formation of a new incipient Shire/Canton branch of the SCA here in this area... halfway betwixt and between the Great Baronies of Elfsea, Steppes and Namron... And so now I am investigating the potential for a gathering of those who live nearby... and possibly even discuss the formation of such a group. So as I say, I am attempting to discover any members or participants who may live nearby and, who may wish to both serve and be served by such a worthy endeavor, which of course may never come to pass, LOL!. But 'tis of no matter... At the very least... It would do my heart good, and my soul well to see this manor and facilities be put to good use, in the company of friends and companions in the Dream.
  I pray this missive finds you all safe and well, and prospering...
  Written this 1st day of September, 2007 (by the common reckoning) by mine own hand I do sign,
  Baron Wylfred of Morganvayle
  (mka John Gillin)

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