[Namron] Greetings unto the Populace of the Barony of Namron

John Ruble ulfie at cox.net
Sun Sep 2 12:42:55 PDT 2007

Baron Wylfred wrote:
> If so... I would LOVE to hear from you... and you are asked and
> welcomed to send a private email to this address at Yahoo:
> bonz6x at yahoo.com
> I have been in contact with the Kingdom Senechal, and have made the
> inquiries pertaining to the formation of a new incipient Shire/Canton
> branch of the SCA here in this area... halfway betwixt and between the
> Great Baronies of Elfsea, Steppes and Namron... And so now I am
> investigating the potential for a gathering of those who live
> nearby... and possibly even discuss the formation of such a group. So
> as I say, I am attempting to discover any members or participants who
> may live nearby and, who may wish to both serve and be served by such
> a worthy endeavor, which of course may never come to pass, LOL!. But
> 'tis of no matter... At the very least... It would do my heart good,
> and my soul well to see this manor and facilities be put to good use,
> in the company of friends and companions in the Dream.

Unto Baron Wylfred of Morganvayle, greetings from Master Ulf Gunnarsson,
Baron of the Court of Ansteorra and one who recently held the lands of
Namron in fief to the Crown of this great kingdom.

While you may find a few companions nearer you in the Canton of Glaslyn,
that is sometimes called Denton Texas, be certain that there are some
folks scattered about the lands south and east of Namron's official
borders who lack quick access to the Crown's justice.  Their distance
makes them prey to the lawless and to raiders.

In truth, it is with sadness that Namron can do no more than make the
occasional sweep of the area to clear out bandits.  We have asked for
help at times from the Barony of the Steppes and the Barony of Elfsea,
but it is large area and even three great baronies cannot completely
sweep the area of the outlaws that prey upon travelers journeying north
or south on the King's Highway.

A small fortification or keep there would be wondrous, as its constant
vigilance could make safer the travel between two otherwise prosperous

Good luck with your search.  I recommend to you the people of the Barony
that live in that area called Kuneigen at the southern edges of this
domain.  They would know best who south of them has been making the
trips in for supplies and news.

May this missive find you well,
Master Ulf Gunnarsson

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