[Namron] Totally OT- New tune posted...

Tausha Walker rentausha at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 5 08:10:28 PDT 2007

Oh! You're that Wylfred! :-) I connected to you in MySpace when you posted to the Trimaris list a few months back. I will listen when I get a chance. 
  Awesome group! You all should listen when you get the opportunity.

John Gillin <bonz6x at yahoo.com> wrote:
    Folks... Wylfred here... bothering y'all again ... LOL!
  I just posted a new "Untitled Celtic" style tune I have been working on at:
  It is a totally ROUGH first edit/mix... and not an SCA period tune at all (I rawk, LOL) Constructive comments are welcomed.
  Please, if ya get a chance... stop by and take a listen... 6 mins long, has a pregnant pause about 3 mins in, so do not get fooled... there is more. Join the Euro-Mutts friends list if you wish...
  YEP, this is what I do way out here in Nowhere land LOL! I make music, and mow grass...
  best regards
  Baron Wylfred
  (aka Johnny Mutt)
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