[Namron] Arrows

Ulf Gunnarsson ulfie at cox.net
Wed Sep 5 20:30:37 PDT 2007

At populace meeting, I mentioned an estimate for arrow making.  Depnding
on the source, it will cost between $350-$400 for all the parts to make
100 cedar arrows.  Yes, costs have definitely gone up.  Apparently,
archery equipment is subject to an 11% Federal Excise Tax except shafts.
Those have a flat $0.39 excise tax applied.

If anyone is interested in going in with me on a purchase, please let me
know.  Keep in mind that you should make at least one dozen.

Oh, and the shafts are the standard 31+ inches.  If someone wants, there
are sources for Fir and Spruce at that length, and for Poplar at 34".

Master Ulf
Namron Archery Marshal

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