[Namron] Quest for the Chupacabra, and Great Pumpkin Tourney

John Yates valstarr_hawkwind at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 7 04:23:33 PDT 2007


   Here are my thoughts on these topics'

1) Quest for the Chupacabra: The wily and dangerous
chupacabra has been waylaying many of the nobles herds
of foodbeasts, and it has been decided to muster an
all-out effort to find and destroy the legendary beast
turned all-too-real menace.

   Teams of four, including at least one heavy weapons
fighter, follow 'clues's' around the site to find the
dreaded chupacabra. Hints may be left by poem or story
(making a bard a happy person to have on the team,) or
by soem type of device (making an A&S personage

   When the token denoting the chupacabra is found,
the group's heavy weapons selectee must immediately go
to the list field to face the fighter selected as the
chupacabra. As the beast is tough, a superior fighter
should be picked, and they be allowed their choice of
weapons. The fighters on the teams should only be
allowed single sword, 24" or less in length.

   If the fighter on a team wins, the whole team
wins..if the chupacabra fighter wins, the final token
is hidden again, and the quest continues. You could
make it a tougher quest by making it two chupacabra,
instead of one.

NOTE: You could rinse and repeat, using a light
fighter in the scenario to make it a rapier event.

2) Great Pumpkin Tournament: Each fighter
participating will have a carved pumpkin, with a
sufficiently carved pumpkin over his or her helm to
see out of

   Rounds will be single elim, and in addition to the
normal 'killing' blows, a hit that knocks all or a
significant part of the pumpkin off would be a
'debilitating' blow, and an autimatic loss.   

   My original thoughts dealt along a bit different
lines, but I believe this could satisfy martial
requirements without needing an exception like a Pas,
as I doubt either of the above scenarios would meet
the standard for historical alternatives! :)

   What do y'all think?


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