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A Crested melee battle was actually discussed a while back 
as part of the melees at Samhain, in fact the crests would 
have been small plastic jack-o-lanterns or the tiny little 
pumpkins that you can get in the grocery store. They 
scratched the pumpkins cause fighters might no want sticky 
helms from smashed pumpkins, but I think the plastic ones 
might be a good alternative. Our Knights Marshall at Eldern 
is open to ideas. He can be reached at 
earthlizard1969 at yahoo.com. Give him your ideas for Samhain 
if you all would like to see or do this, for real. He is a 
man that would like to toss a few "effects" into a simple 
melee, to make it interesting. I agree that it would be 
hysterical! Can't you just hear their ladies now?! 
"Protect your pumpkins, Boys!" LOL

Lady Marguerite

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I'm still visualizing Heavy Fighters with pumpkins on
 their helms.  Lose
your pumpkin and you are out!  LOL
Lady Annya Charlton
Deputy Seneschal of Skorragardr

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