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Dearest Herald

Please do not find me a pain in the tush but I believe that in the end Lord
Wolfgang decided to hold the Baronial Guard practice  in conjunction with
archery because there is quite a bit of interest from folks that currently
do archery on Sundays.  Perhaps he will confirm this himself, but I did not
want someone to become misplaced.

Sæmundr inn skærr

On Tue, Jul 15, 2008 at 10:34 PM, Shalon Reynolds <
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> OYEZ!  OYEZ!  The following items were discussed at the populace meeting of
> the Barony of Namron on Tuesday, July 15, 2008:
> Baroness:
> *  August 2, 2008,  *Skorragarðr* <http://skorragardr.ansteorra.org/> is
> hosting a PARTY in conjunction with Northern Regional Fighter Practice and
> Water Wars at the Beautiful Shawnee, Oklahoma Twin Lakes Park
> *  Consider the possibility of hosting a future Namron event on a primitive
> site
> Seneschal:
> *  Our thoughts at this time are directed toward Protectorate.  We have
> selected our Autocrats - *Lord Orlando Giovanni di Gilead*<http://namron.ansteorra.org/members/o.html#OrlandodiGilead>and Lord Christian Truelove.  We have also selected the Feast o'crats -
> *Lady Caterina Giovanni di Gilead*<http://namron.ansteorra.org/members/c.html#CaterinadiGilead>
> and *Honorable Lady Melisande de Frayne*<http://namron.ansteorra.org/members/m.html#MelisandedeFrayne>
> .
> *  Discussion was held concerning site fee and a consensus was agreed that
> due to high gas prices and the amount of money currently held by Namron in
> our treasury, we should keep the site fee to a price that will allow us to
> basically break even or possibly break even.
> *  Further discussion was held about where to set the price breaks on
> children and non-members.
> *  Feast will hold reservations for 65 paid persons and about 10
> complementary meals as the hall will only hold about 75.
> Treasurer:
> *  The barony still has a large amount of money, around $9,000.
> *  A check was made payable to the Cimarron Council for reservation of the
> Will Rogers Campsite.
> Herald:
> *  I am still looking for volunteers to help with site, list and court
> heraldry at Protectorate.  So far, I have received word from Lord Ivo
> Blackhawk, HL Adalia VonderBerg and Sarait Ingen Beathain.  Thank you for
> your volunteer spirit and we will need much more help if anyone is
> interested, especially with the list heraldry.
> Chronicler:
> *  *Honorable Lady Nicolaea MacFionndlaigh*<http://namron.ansteorra.org/members/n.html#NicolaeaMacFionndlaigh> spent
> her last night as Chronicler for the Barony of Namron this evening.
> *  All applications for this position were due by the end of populace
> meeting TONIGHT!
> *  A new Chronicler will be selected by the Northern Regional Chronicler at
> a future date.
> Hospitaler:
> *  There will be a newcomers meeting on Sunday, August 17, 2008 at 2:00
> p.m. in conjunction with Fighter Practice at Reeves Park.
> *  Anyone with ideas on what a newcomer needs to know, contact *Honorable
> Lady Adena Terricsdottir*<http://namron.ansteorra.org/members/a.html#AdenaTerricsdottir>.
> *  Fabric for loaner garb is now available.  Contact HL Adena if you are a
> newcomer or know someone who might be in need of loaner garb for an event.
> Archery Marshall:
> *  Archery is still being held at 19300 SE 149th Street, Newalla, OK 74857,
> on Lord Christian's Land at 3:00 p.m. on Sunday.  Archery practice will be
> ending between 6:30 - 7:00 p.m.
> *  Please bring water to practice as it is still summer and very hot
> outside.
> *  If anyone sees pool noodles on sale, let *Baron Ulf Gunnarsson*<http://namron.ansteorra.org/members/u.html#UlfGunnarsson> know,
> as more 3-D fighter targets will be constructed.
> *  At coronation, as a step-down gift, his majesty received the bow
> purchased by members and friends of the Barony of Namron.  He loved it and
> couldn't believe what a wonderful gift it was.
> Knight's Marshall:
> *  Practice is still being held at 2:00p.m. at Reeves Park in Norman.
> *  Anyone with armor who is willing to let it be duck taped on new
> fighters, please come out and share in the fun
> A&S Minister:
> *  *Lady Veronique de Mont Saint Michel*<http://namron.ansteorra.org/members/v.html#VeroniquedeMontSaintMichel> was
> pleased at the response by the artisans in the barony concerning her post
> for anyone with a special talent or skill they would be willing to share in
> a class setting.
> *  She is eager to find an appropriate time and date to hold various A&S
> classes.
> Other Business:
> *Sæmundr Bogveigir*<http://namron.ansteorra.org/members/s.html#SaemundrBogveigir>
> * The trip to see the Roman Exhibit at the OKC Museum is this Saturday,
> July 19 at 3:00 p.m.  No cameras are allowed at the exhibit.  The cost is
> $10.00.  If you are early or late, just let the museum know that you are
> with the SCA or group from Namron.
> *Lord Wolfgang von Sachsenhausen*<http://namron.ansteorra.org/members/w.html#WolfgangvonSachsenhausen>
>  :
> *  The baronial guard will still be holding pike drills in conjuction with
> fighter practice at Reeves Park on Sunday.  If you are interested or want
> more information contact Lord Wolfgang.
> *  There is a possibility for the barony to hold a persona workshop for
> those interested in everything from how to "live" your persona to learning
> how to effectively answer the question, "Where is the bathroom?" in a
> medieval style.  If you are interested in being a part of this class contact
> Lord Wolfgang.
> *Hasheika Maleah Farasha Raushana bint Abdullah*<http://namron.ansteorra.org/members/m.html#Maleah>
> :
> *  A list of items needed to send to the squad adopted by members of the
> barony was provided.
> *  A list of the names of the squad members was also provided.
> *  The possibility of hosting a Known World Heraldric event in 2009 was
> presented to the barony.  The barony responded to this presentation
> favorably, but would like more information on the who, what, when, where,
> why and how much.
> *Lady Isobel de Kirkbryde*<http://namron.ansteorra.org/members/i.html#IsobeldeKirkbryde>
>  :
> *  Sign Language class will be held this Saturday, July 19,at 10:30 a.m. in
> Choctaw, followed by a Silent Lunch.  For more information contact Lady
> Isobel.
>      There being no further business, the July 15, 2008 Populace meeting of
> the Barony of Namron was closed.
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