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Who can i contact for more information about the Adlersruhe's Lady of the
Lake event? Margherita and I may see what we can do for going on a short


On Sun, Jul 27, 2008 at 1:17 PM, Ulf Gunnarsson <ulfie at cox.net> wrote:

> We have discussed making a road trip to the Barony of the Eldern Hills
> some weekend to go to their archery practice and shoot a Royal Round.
> This would fulfill our requirement to have at least one "away" score for
> our Royal Round scores to count in the intra-kingdom contest.
> I spoke with Baron Michel and Lord Gunnar at Crown this weekend.  Taking
> in to account the dates most of you had available, we have this set up
> for August 10th, two weeks from today.
> Their practice is at 10 a.m.  Given gas prices, we should consider car
> pooling.  Like us, they have a map to their archery practice on their
> webpage, http://eldern-hills.ansteorra.org , about halfway down the
> page, and phone numbers in case you get lost going there.
> Baron Michel and Lord Aiden, their archery marshal, were the two folks
> who came up when we had that big marshal authorization day. Lord Gunnar
> is just a nice guy who lets us shoot arrows into the side of his shed...
> ---
> If you want to go to an event with an archery competition, the first
> weekend in August is Adlersruhe's Lady of the Lake event. They are part
> of the Northern Region now and based out of Amarillo. The event was
> started by Am Loch, which is no more, but whose people continue to bring
> a strong sense of fun to the Texas Panhandle.  For the "Lady of the Bow"
> competition, you either shoot for your lady or, if you are a lady, you
> shoot for the title yourself.  It is held in Mobeetie, TX, about a three
> hour drive from Oklahoma City.
> The second weekend of August, when we are planning our Sunday road trip,
> is Loch Ruadh's Lughnasad event, being held in Canton about an hour east
> of Dallas.  Primarily a bardic event, they also have an archery
> competition.
> And as a reminder, November 14th-16th is Axeman V, held by our Canton of
> Skorragarðr. As I'm the current archery champion, I'm going to have
> something fun worked out for the shoot.  Plan for it.
> Master Ulf
> Namron Archery Marshal
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