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Thu Jul 31 05:37:24 PDT 2008

Soon after Sarait and I returned to The Dream, my son (10) was having ever
so much fun at Kings College getting beat on by other children while he held
a soft sword herein referred to as a boffer.  So, I have been looking into
this fun activity for children and have burned many a brain cell trying to
sort it all out.

I think it would be a good bet, that there are quite a few children within
our region of Ansteorra that has grand dreams of fighting like mommy and
daddy but the topic of boffering is a tough subject to get ones hands
around.  Is it an official activity where marshals monitor their safety?  It
is something that would be better left to children just playing, like when I
was a child and my friends and I beat each other with tree limbs?  Is it a
dead activity?

I went to the Ansteorran Youth Boffer website and much to my dismay it was
very outdated.  The calendar was atleast a year old (still outdated).  It
had Grace Vanessa listed as the kingdom marshal (updated after my
pestering), and even the regional listed did not know he was, in fact, the
regional marshal (very nice guy indeed to help me regardless).  I have
contacted every appropriate person I can think of, and yet there does not
seem to be answers.

So, I thought that my next step should be to come here and ask those of you
that have been here MUCH longer than I have, what the status of youth combat
or boffering (is it one and the same?) is in our area?  Certainly, I can
find young Oddr something else to do.. but I am suprised that there arent
more children who are doing this.. or wanting to do this.

Please, please I beg of you to end this goose chase I have been on and give
me the answer to this puzzle.  What has happened to youth boffer/combat.

Sæmundr inn skærr

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