[Namron] Things needed for Beltane

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I will check out the benches at med fair, (if that is okay).? they might be too big but I woudl love to look and see! 

I dont know if I will be there at 5 at Phred the Shed, so if you are can you look for me??? 

just get me the prize baskets when you are able to!? Thanks!!


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We have several small benches (12 x 18 seat area) that we could loan if you need 
them.  They generally live in our van, so they'll be there if you don't find 
anything else.
I think the tug of war rope is in the shed, we can check Wednesday when we get 
stuff out for Medfair.
I should also have several things that can go in prize baskets.


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I am looking for a couple of things that are needed for Beltane.  If you have 
any of the below (either for donation, or just for loan) please let me know. 

hula hoops ( 2) 
Boat Oars (2) wooden would be best... something small, the little 3.5 footers 
would be perfect
2 small benches (really, I think that these will need to be made...anyone with 
wodworking experiance?  Something BASIC and small) 
Rope (for tug of war and another of the same caliber, but only 12 ft long) 

These will be for the games that are going to be played...
I am also needing donations of different games for the prize baskets.  I am 
thinking Mancala, Nine mens Morris, and a tabalero board. If I cant get some of 
these donated, I would like to borrow them. 

Please contact me off list if you have any of these that I could borrow...  
Adena (your friendly neighborhood Beltane games coordinator) 

I am also the coordinator for the gift baskets, so let me know if you have 
anything for those too! 


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