[Namron] Med Faire

terry wasson haturearn at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 6 05:06:38 PDT 2009

 Greeting to All the Populace who attended
 I would like to say .
 Unto their Majesties thank you for attending this event

To all who worked to make this a very memorial event.
The Lands, the turnout,the conduct of our members was just great.
  Wolfgang, Christin and all other coordinator's you did the SCA displays
and set wonderful.
The most memorial part was when I walked around and and realized that this is what I saw in 1982 and enjoyed so much.
 Galen the Tavern was great you corn-beef was a hit, thank you for your hard work.
 All fighters who attend you fighting was very good.
A&S displays was so very good.
Belly dancers who allowed my granddaughters to come up on the stage and dance thank you (Domi).
  To all  who came out on Sunday ,the day of wind and cold , thank you so much.

 It is estimated we went through around 70 to 80 pounds of meat at this event.
People you stomach can hold a lot and keep coming back as we feel it is an honor to serve and cook for you.
 Donations by the populace was outstanding and thank you for all donations,
you are what rounded of the TAVERN for all to eat and enjoy.
The selections of Pastries, Cakes, Cookies and Brownies was so good.

I can talk a lot more and name other things that I saw was great from all of you But enough said THANK YOU ALL 


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