[Namron] THANK YOU

Karla Norris melisandedf at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 6 06:37:26 PDT 2009

To the Populace of Namron and the folks of the North-


Thank You!  I know that this weekend was MedFaire and it is all about our putting a good face on to the visiting public, but it was also my vigil and elevation.  You all did so much to ensure that everything went well for me too.


I have been telling all my friends from Caid how very wonderful Oklahoma and Ansteorra are, how special it is to live here.  They found out this weekend what the true meaning of Southern (oops Northern Regional) hospitality really is.  Without exception, they all commented on how wonderful our group is and how welcoming each and every one of you were to them.


I am so proud to be from Namron, the Northern Region and Ansteorra.




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