[Namron] spang throwing

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Well Master Mike... in the red sharks camp we will be doing a calling of the 
watch (and ringing that dang bell lol) so do come with your list of those 
past and we shall call them and raise one in memory of those who have left 
to happier hunting grounds.

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> In my (considerable) experience, the hoop holders have in the past
> returned the spangs to the tossers' various spang-buckets in the
> kindest, gentlest, most loving manner possible. Frequently there have
> been gentles standing downrange, near the hoop-holders, for the sole and
> exclusive purpose of retrieving the spangs and returning them to the
> spang-hewing line.
> I would be Shocked! Shocked!!! if any of the hoop-holders were to throw
> a spang at a spang-hewer or at anyone else. It Simply Is Not Done.
> I do hope that everyone concerned in this part of Beltane will, while
> tossing their spangs downrange in the rather general direction of
> the hoop-holders, keep in mind the various folks who originated or
> participated in spang-hewing in the past, but who are no longer with us.
> I have in mind Baron Bjorn, Lady Catherine le Flemynge, and rather too
> many more. I propose to raise a toast Saturday evening, to Absent
> Friends.
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