[Namron] Populace Meeting Notes, 04 Aug 09

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Mon Aug 10 11:32:54 PDT 2009

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Deputy Seneschal


Populace Meeting Minutes
04 Aug 09 - Norman Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Starts at 7:35pm.

Seneschal – several of our people (including the Baron) are at
Pennsic.  Lord Lucas is our new herald, HL Adena is our new treasurer,
Lord Christopher is our new hospitaler, and Master Ulf has received
one application for the webminister position.  Protectorate autocrats
are Lord Lorenzo and Lady Melina, feastocrats are Lord Orlando and
Lady Antonia.  Still accepting bids for a tavern at Protectorate.

Treasurer – (Lucas for Adena, Adena’s at Pennsic) no changes, about
$8,000 in funds

Chronicler – send me submissions for the Plume, HL Aonghas is our most
frequent contributor.

Rapier Marshal – Tuesday night practice at his home except for first
Tuedsays due to Namron Populace, there’s a scribes meeting there at
the same time

Thrown Weapons – practice Sunday afternoons, archery practice
afterwards, keeping a log of throwers to identify traits, positives
and negatives, etc.

Herald – HRH Owen has instructed his herald to make sure that the
local heralds are very involved in the process, including court and
“processions”.  See me if you want to help.

Hospitaler – I’m the new hospitaler, contact me with any questions or

A&S – no drumming this week due to Pennsic, European dancing on Mondays

Knight Marshal (Jacqueline for Loemax) – one practice was held, one
fighter showed up.  Fighter practice will be held at Loemax’s
apartment complex.

Archery Marshal – practices continue

Web Minister – I have an application for my position!  Send me ideas
for the Web page.  HRH Genevria complimented us on the accessability
of the Namron site.

Protectorate autocrat – need lots of help, still planning, October
9th-11th at Will Rogers.

Grand Assembly of Archers autocrat – lots of shootings, event’s at
Camp Dakani, hafla Saturday night, site is $6 adults, $5 ages 6-17,
need waterbearers and “nastycrats”

Protectorate feastocrat – Orlando read the menu

Seneschal – Baron is having a Storm meeting at his (new) house,
Monday, 8/10 starting at 6:30pm…bring chairs, no furniture at the new
house yet.  A&S will also be there right after the Storm meeting.
Officers meeting Thursday, 8/13 at 7pm at Jacqueline’s house in Moore.
 Accepting applications for Medieval Faire liaison.

Annabelle – no cooks meeting this week due to Pennsic

Ended at 8pm

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