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Donnchadh Beag mac Griogair donnchadh at cornelius.norman.ok.us
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Greetings everyone,

I just got this email from the new Royal Gifts Coordinator.  If anyone, 
or a group of people, would like to work on a gift for TRM East for Gulf 
Wars, please let me know so I can pass the information along.  There are 
a number of suggestions below.

In Service,
Baron Donnchadh

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Subject: 	Fw: Gulf War Gifts
Date: 	Mon, 1 Feb 2010 09:39:40 -0800 (PST)
From: 	CJ Steelquist <orange76501 at yahoo.com>
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>  Greeting your Excellencies,
>  I realize this missive is somewhat late but due to personal
>  reasons the Gift Coordinator for Gulf Wars has changed over
>  and now I am it :o)
>  This year Ansteorra will exchange gifts with The Kingdom of
>  the East, Their Royal Majesties Konrad von Ulm and Brenwen
>  the Faire.
>  To see their personal arms please visit the Kingdom of the
>  East website and click on there names. They have personal
>  pages with information and their arms.  http://trm.eastkingdom.org/
>  The Kingdom colors are purple and yellow.
>  The Kingdom badge is a blue tyger as seen on the Kingdom
>  Crowns.
>  Their Royal Majesties' colors are both black and white.
>  Her Majesty Brenwen's favorite color is blue. She loves
>  acorns. By Her royal decree, chocolate, hazelnuts, coffee,
>  and teas are period and mimosa's are a drink for anytime of
>  day.
>  Her activities include costuming, embroidery, accessories,
>  knitting, illumination, drawing, and the love of all arts.
>  Gift ideas for Her:
>  hand woven thread with documentation
>  hand woven wool for knitting with documentation
>  anything with acorns especially castings
>  acorns for her to give out as tokens
>  acorns for her
>  veils-silk and linen
>  veil pins
>  hair sticks/combs
>  lucets
>  lucet kits to give out
>  drop spindles
>  drop spindle kits to give out
>  period paint
>  jewelry
>  anything that includes documentation
>  Gifts ideas for Them :
>  personal feast gear *(They have none!)
>  hand woven trim
>  feast napkins
>  wooden boxes any size
>  wooden box cooler
>  He likes stout beer. His Majesty's decree: Smooth dark beer
>  is a drink fit for a King. Coffee is period.
>  Gift ideas for Him:
>  tokes to give out
>  blue tyger tokens to give out
>  period travel games with documentation
>  hand woven trim
>  other Knightly items
>  Above were the gift ideas we came up with after reviewing
>  Their whims. If you have others please pass them on.
>  When you decide you want to make a gift please let me know,
>  that way I won't have 100 hair sticks. Please pass this
>  information on to your Cantons, Colleges, and Strongholds.
>  Please call me if you have questions at 254-718-4183
>  Für den schwarzen
>  Stern,   Duchess Ebergardis von Zell
>  Gulf War Liaison
>  Gulf War Gift Coordinator

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