[Namron] Baronial Selection Specifics - Polling (LONG)

Northern Seneschal northern at seneschal.ansteorra.org
Mon Feb 1 13:10:54 PST 2010

To the populace of the Barony of Namron and the Canton of Skorragardr,

Tomorrow, February 2nd, at the normal monthly Populace Meeting of the
Barony of Namron, I will be conducting the populace opinion poll
concerning your next Baron and Baroness.  I apologize for the long
email in advance but let me lay out some specifics.  Many of these
points will duplicate what Master William FitzBubba sent earlier
(Thank you Master William!) but there is additional information
included.  If there is any last minute weather or facility related
issue that delays or postpones the populace meeting, you will receive
a separate instruction email after your seneschal announces the delay.
 Otherwise, I am looking forward to seeing you all at the populace

First, let me be absolutely clear that the populace does not elect a
Baron and Baroness.  The Kingdom of Ansteorra's Seneschal Handbook
notes (Appendix A, Page 30):
"Baronial pollings are not a democratic vote and do not necessarily
determine who will be chosen for a position. Rather, pollings provide
a way for the Crown to hear and consider the opinions of the populace
on the matter of Baronial succession. The Crown considers many factors
when choosing new landed nobility, including the results of the
polling."  Your ranking of the candidates will be a critical part of
all that the Crown considers in selecting the next Baron and Baroness.

Second, let me also be absolutely clear that the results of the
polling will not be disclosed or announced.  Like references given to
a potential employer, the contents are confidential and not shared to
the pool of candidates being considered.  The Seneschal's Handbook
also notes on this topic (Page 31):
"The results of the baronial polling will not be made public. This is
the norm for opinion polls conducted in Ansteorra. The results of the
polling will be known only by the Kingdom Seneschal, the Crown, and
the Coronet. The results will not be shared with anyone else: not the
candidates, not the current local landed nobility, not the populace,
no one. If anyone hints that they know the numbers, they are not from
this plane of existence."

Third, let me again be absolutely clear that this polling will only be
for the candidates who submitted their letters of intent to the Crown
by the deadline.  No write-in candidates will be considered and
writing in another set of names will invalidate your entire ballot.
You must rank all of the candidates in your order of preference and
you must rank all of the candidates.  You cannot rank first (give a
"1") to one set of candidates and leave the others blank.  You cannot
"Tie" candidates.  You must rank them all to the best of your opinion
and knowledge of the candidates.  Also, the ballot is only for ranking
the candidates; no commentary or opinions can be added to your ballot.

Since you cannot place written opinions or commentary on the ballot,
some of you may wonder how your specific opinions on strengths of
different candidates can be considered.  You must send those written
opinions directly to the Crown.  Email is acceptable for this and the
Crown can be reached at "Crown at ansteorra.org".  If you do not have
email, or prefer to write a physical letter, you should mail it
directly to the Crown at the address listed for them in the Black
Star.  Do not copy the Kingdom or Regional Seneschal on any opinion or
commentary emails or letters that you send.

So, with those items being stated, let's get down to the practical
steps of the polling:

~Who can fill out an opinion poll form?
Everyone: members and non-members, residents and non-residents of the
barony and its canton. If you are a member, bring your membership card
(or other proof of membership) with you to the polling on February 2,
2010.  Do not presume that the Regional Seneschal will have correct
proof of your membership on-site; the burden of proving membership is
on the individual voter.  Children will be allowed to submit opinion
ballots as well.  Children must be capable of performing their
balloting with no adult present with them and must be able to discern
their own opinion of all candidates.  Children 12 and under will be
required to note their ages on the ballot forms.

~What is the ballot and how will the balloting be conducted?
Each person present will, after having their membership checked,
receive a physical paper ballot.  The ballots are color coded for
members and non-members.  The person will rank each of the candidates
listed on the ballot with a "1" signifying the voters first preferred
choice, a "2" signifying the second preferred choice, etc.  The bottom
of the ballot includes certain information that is required (remember
that the ballots are confidential to the Crown, Coronet, Kingdom
Seneschal, and myself as the polling designee).  You must sign the
ballot.  When complete, the ballot will be folded and placed by the
voter into a container provided by me.

~Where will the polling be held?
At the normal February 2010, monthly populace meeting of the Barony of
Namron.  These are held at Norman Unitarian Universalist Fellowship.
Their address is 1309 West Boyd St., Norman, OK. This is 1 block west
of the intersection of W. Boyd St. and S. Berry Rd., halfway between
Main St. and Lindsey St.  If you need directions, please contact any
local member of the barony, the local seneschal, or His Excellency for
specific directions.

~When will the polling be held?
The meeting begins at 7:30 PM CDT.  The poll may open slightly before
that but most likely will begin at a designated point during the
meeting and  continue until all present wishing to participate have
had their opportunity and have submitted their ballot.

~What if I cannot be present at the polling but want to participate?
Please review the following information if you will require an
absentee ballot.  Even given the weather conditions, if you think you
can attend the meeting then do not request an absentee ballot.  If you
intend to be at the meeting and weather or car difficulties interfere
at the last minute, contact me.  Given the weather, I will accept
contacts and requests for absentee ballots as late as 5:00 PM the next
day, Feb. 3.

1) Anyone needing a ballot for the Namron Baronial Polling, because
they will be unable to attend the February 2 populace meeting, must
contact me directly.  I can be contacted by email
(northern at seneschal.ansteorra.org), phone or postal mail.  My phone
and postal information are posted in the Black Star newsletter.  Those
who will be absent may begin contacting me as soon as they receive
word of this notice.  Do not reply to this list; for email only use
the regional seneschal account.

2) Once contacted, I will provide the requestor with a ballot that
must be filled out and directions on how to return the ballot.  If you
send the ballot certified mail or some other registered manner, you
must waive signature on the letter.  I encourage absentee responders
who have the capability to scan and email a copy of the completed
ballot to do so.

3) If you receive an absentee ballot, and are a paid member of the
SCA, you must plan to photocopy proof of membership (membership card,
BlackStar mailing label, post card from the registry, etc.) and
include that with the ballot you return.  Also, follow all directions
contained on the ballot so as to avoid invalidating your ballot.

4) If I send you an absentee ballot before the meeting, even if your
plans change and you later find you can attend the meeting, you must
return the absentee ballot.  No one who receives an absentee ballot
from me will be given an on-site ballot by appearing at the meeting.

In closing, let me say that I look forward to a smooth balloting
procedure and a wonderful investiture for your new Baron and Baroness.
 If you have any questions not answered in this missive about the
polling, please contact me at the Northern Regional Seneschal email
account or by phone or postal mail and I will be happy to get you an

Seigneur Etienne de St. Amaranth
Northern Regional Seneschal
Kingdom of Ansteorra

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