[Namron] Populace Meeting notes, 02 Feb 10

William Herron fitzbubba at gmail.com
Wed Feb 3 05:17:52 PST 2010

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Deputy Seneschal


Populace Meeting - 2/2/10
Norman Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Norman

Starts at 7:41pm.

Baron – the candidates for Baron and Baroness are up front with me
tonight.  New tents are done and will be ready for Gulf Wars.  Thank
you to everyone for helping get things ready.

Seneschal – the Chronicler’s office remains open for applications.
Our feast-o-crat for Beltane had to withdraw due to health issues, so
we’re looking for a new one.  The autocrat positions for Grand
Assembly of Archers and Protectorate are also still open.

The Chronicler is not here tonight.  He was ill, but he’s at home now
and getting better.

Archery Marshal – Gulf Wars approaches, we need arrow shafts for
conversion to combat arrows.

Marguerite – my 70th birthday party will be held on Friday, 2/5/10,
from 7pm to whenever at Barat and Jacqueline’s home in Moore.

Terric – personal thank you to HL Tadhg for his efforts to get the
tents ready for the season.

Ended at 7:45pm

The Baronial Polling was conducted by the Northern Regional Seneschal
after the meeting.

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