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The clock is ticking!

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Date: Sun, Feb 14, 2010 at 8:15 PM
Subject: [NR] 4 more days to Pre Reg
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Northern Ansteorra,
Gulf Wars is almost here and this is the last week to Pre-Register and be
assured a camping spot in the Kingdome of Ansteorra.  If you have not
registered yet, you can do that here:

After February 18, you will have to pay as you arrive on site, and most
importantly you will not have camping space reserved for you within the
Ansteorra Kingdome camp.  If you want to attend Gulf Wars but are still
unsure if you will be able to attend, you can still pre-register and if it
turns out you can't make it to war you will have until March 1, 2010 to
request a  full refund.

After you pre-register you need to send me an e-mail with the following
Your mundane name
Your SCA name
The group you are camping with (the same one you put on your registration
When you plan on arriving
If you are staying in a mundane or period tent
You can e-mail me here:
tkwasny at cox.net

If the group you are camping with has a land coordinator for the group, you
should probably get in touch with them also.
Everyone who pre-registers for war will be allotted 225 sq.ft. per person
(15'X15')  I will repeat again, if you don't pre-register space within the
Northern Ansteorra Camp will not be set aside for you and you will have to
camp in the open-camping area, and who knows where that is going to be!  So
everyone Pre-Reg!!!!

I would also like for all the "Group Land Coordinators" to send me a e-mail
ASAP with your contact information so we can coordinate prior to going to
war.  All group coordinators should also plan on arriving as early as
possible Sunday morning before war.

Please forward this to local lists as appropriate.
Don Timothy LeCorbuiser
Northern mailing list
Northern at lists.ansteorra.org
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