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Donnchadh Beag mac Griogair donnchadh at cornelius.norman.ok.us
Sat Feb 20 00:24:43 PST 2010

There's one major issue with that, and that is I have no idea where we 
are going to be or what our land parcel is going to look like =).  In 
years past, I have gone so far as to lay out a scale drawing in Visio 
(I'm an engineer, what can I say) only to have my beautiful plan 
completely dashed when they moved us or the lay of the land was 
different.  So I can tell you the general guidelines I try and follow, 
but that's about it until we get on site and see what we have to work with.

In general, I try and keep the road lined with period pavilions.  The 
common areas are either in the center of camp surrounded by the tents, 
or at times we have put them on the edge and combined our common area 
with Mooneschadowe.  I try and keep the walkways fairly straight by 
lining up tents of the same depth.  Of course I'll keep families 
together.  If anyone has any requests, I will do my best to accommodate 

 From the talk I've heard, it sounds like a large group of us are 
spending Saturday night in Hattiesburg and should arrive on site first 
thing Sunday morning to start laying everything out.

Anyone have any other suggestions as to camp layout?


On 2/19/2010 9:24 PM, Tadhg wrote:
> Greetings,
> When are we going to get together to go over the camp layout?
> With 36 folks living in close proximity, it is essential that we get a 
> good working plan before we get there. How about Tuesday (or 
> Wednesday) fighter practice, the first week in March? Donnchadh, that 
> should give you plenty of time to put together a first draft.
> Regards,
> Tadhg
> ...brick by brick
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>     Subject: [SkorragardrVirtualSkald] The Final List and Camp Info
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>     Date: Friday, February 19, 2010, 11:13 AM
>     Here's the final list for the Namron encampment.  We have 36
>     people in the camp this year.  If you did get pre-reged before the
>     deadline just send me your info and I'll add you to the list.
>     Not everyone may know, so I'll let you know how the land situation
>     works.  Gulf Wars gives us 225 sq ft per registered person.  That
>     space includes all our walk ways, communal tents, etc.  So at war,
>     I'll be laying out spots for all the tents like a giant game of
>     tetris.  That way we have as much room as possible for the
>     walkways, big communal pavilion and kitchen and shower tents.  We
>     will have a double shower tent in camp this year (10x10 split in
>     half).  It is open to everyone in the camp, but please donate to
>     cover the propane if you can.  There will also be a communal
>     kitchen under the 12x12 pavilion.  If you want to cook your own
>     meals, you are free to use it, just make sure you clean up after
>     yourself.  If you have equipment that we can use in the kitchen,
>     please let Orlando know.  We will also have our new 18x24 pavilion
>     for everyone to sit under and socialize.  You're free to leave a
>     chair under there, but please don't leave anything else under
>     there.  Also please try and keep the walkways clear.  We're going
>     to be living with each other for a week, so please be considerate
>     of others.  We may or may not have electricity in the camp,
>     depending on where they put us this year.  If you want to bring
>     several LONG extension cords, we can usually run it from
>     somewhere, but that may only make it into camp where we can set up
>     a charging station or something.  Do NOT plan on any electrical
>     heaters or blankets.  Even if we do have power in camp, that will
>     quickly pop the breakers.  Finally, don't forget about the meal
>     plan.  Look for Orlando's post for more info on that.  It's going
>     to be a GREAT war this year!
>     * I need tent info from these people
>     Donnchadh
>     Orlando
>     Caterina
>     Vincinti
>     Margherita
>     Robert
>     Melina
>     Jean
>     Lena
>     Vanessa
>     Alexandria
>     Alexander
>     Alicia
>     Candlyn
>     Bucello
>     Sybilla
>     Eynon*
>     Afsaneh*
>     Kiernen*
>     Kailem*
>     Lucas
>     Adelheid
>     Benjamin
>     Sakami
>     Tadhg*
>     Meraud*
>     Trae*
>     Michael*
>     Marcia*
>     Teresa*
>     Alix*
>     Xene*
>     Arabella*
>     Chris
>     Nicolaea
>     Dani
>     In Service,
>     Baron Donnchadh
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