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Melissa Barton m.alanebarton at gmail.com
Tue Jul 13 07:06:19 PDT 2010

> There is a solution to this, and it's in use in Calontir.  There are
> industrial-type pieces of tough foam floor padding about 2' square with
> puzzle-piece edges.  All pieces are the same size and shape, and every
> fighter has one or two of them and every group has a bunch.  I've
> watched those pieces used for an indoor tournament and for indoor
> fighter practices - they protect the floor very well and, when assembled
> correctly, they present no edges that will catch your foot.

We used these at a martial arts school I used to go, and since we did
full-contact sparring people certainly got dumped on them a lot. They worked
very well, although the drawback was that relatively few people at that
school knew how to fall correctly, compared with other schools I've
attended. On the other hand, fewer injuries. For SCA combat, I think the
good aspects would outweigh the bad aspects more.

-Leonor the visitor
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