[Namron] Fighter Floor Mats

Melissa Barton m.alanebarton at gmail.com
Tue Jul 13 08:04:37 PDT 2010

> A 2x2 sqaure of inter-locking martial arts - weight lifting mat will run
> 10-12 dollars. So a 10x10 list field would run about 300. To cover a
> basketball court for a fighter practice would run about 14,000 dollars.

Would you need to cover a whole basketball court for a fighter practice? A
group I used to play with used roll-out carpets at one site, about 3 12x12
squares or so. Something like that would run more like $900-1000. If nothing
else, setting them all up to cover an entire basketball court and taking
them down would be very time-consuming.

-Leonor the visitor
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