[Namron] Submitting name and device paperwork

Jim Couch jimcouch at gmail.com
Fri Jul 16 07:55:18 PDT 2010

Thanks Adena

Vencenti, I thought about that (since we are going) but I didnt see a
submission table or a class on submitting.  They looked like the were from
the perspective of the herald.  That would be great if we could turn them in


On Fri, Jul 16, 2010 at 9:53 AM, Doug Copley <doug.copley at gmail.com> wrote:

> There is an Ansteorran Heraldic & Scribal Symposium on July 31st in
> Oklahoma City near Memorial and N. May - this is a FREE event!
> Margherita and I will be going to work on ours. That would be one of the
> best ways to go and find out everything that you might need.
> Vincenti
> Jim Couch wrote:
>> So, just blasting this out there in case there is anything we are missing.
>> I find device and name paperwork to be about as stressful as doing my
>> taxes.  But my lady Señora Antonia de la fuente and I have declared Sunday
>> to be April 15th at our place, and we are going to "get er dun" as they say
>> in some parts of  Ansteorra.
>> The general concepts of our names and devices were checked out, but its
>> been almost a year since we have done so.  So, I imagine we should run
>> through that process again.  Is a herald required for that or can we do the
>> basic checks ourselves?
>> We have decided that rather than using the paperwork we created a year
>> ago, we will print out new blanks and fill them out as new.  If anyone else
>> in Namron wants to use the buddy system and come do theirs at our place, you
>> are more than welcome to join us.  We'll start about 9 or 10am tomorrow
>> morning.  We have lots of table space, and markers.  Any other A&Sy type
>> project is welcome too.  Contact me privately if you need directions.
>> Lastly, we have decided to (if possible) return the Canton of Skorragardr
>> check we were issued, eat the cash we spent on this a year ago, and "rebuy"
>> the fee through the Barony of Namron.  Once we have completed out paperwork,
>> who would we contact to do the check money part, I am assuming that is
>> Baroness Adena... and is that person going to be around the area in the next
>> few days/week?  Unless it would be easier, more proper, quicker to just do
>> the check swappy thing with the Canton of Skorragardr.  Not sure on this
>> one.  Just trying to make it as easy on myself and everyone else as
>> possible.
>> I think that is all my rambling for the morning.  Suggestions or thoughts,
>> things I may have missed, policies I may be attempting to break, etc are
>> welcome.  =)
>> Señor Lorenzo Martín
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