[Namron] [SkorragardrVirtualSkald] Garb and Grub this Sunday

Robert Atwood rob at mummersguild.com
Tue Jul 20 16:39:03 PDT 2010

Woohoo!  I can't wait.  I also can't wait to see the amazing shoot-to-end-all-shoots that Vincenti, as our last G&G Tournament winner, is no doubt busily designing even as I write this!  I'm certain it will live up to the high standards we have come to expect.  

*evylle grynne*

Ld Robert o' the Faire
Archery Marshal, Namron
Facilitator of Mischief at Large

On Jul 20, 2010, at 5:04 PM, Kirsten Pupek wrote:

> Greetings All,  
> This Sunday we will hold a Garb and Grub at the Masonic lodge in Norman from 12PM till 4PM! 

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