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I "believe" that once the school year starts that Sellers park will reopen (which is next month)

Just knew that there was a need for Rapier AND Scribal and well...thats why the thought went out  ;-)

No skin off our nose if it dosen't work out  :-)


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We'd offered up ours too.

Whats important to me, as a fighter, is to be able to practice each week and it'd be nice if it was the same place as scribal.. and the scribal folks can see to do their magic.

My thought on your offer is that the benefit of being in the park has possible recruiting benefits.

If the ultimate goal is to get back in the Sellers Center (I think its called) then it might all be a mostly mute point.

Just randomly throwing out mental thoughts.


On Mon, Jul 26, 2010 at 5:07 PM, <caitrinscottage at aol.com> wrote:

Greetings to the Wonderful Baronies!
I do realize that others have and will open up their homes for Tuesday nights and Jean and I have an option to throw out there for your consideration. 
We can open our home for Scribal and have the Rapier across the street at Earlywine park.  (basicallly 7-9:30)  
So....what are your thoughts?  

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