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Greetings one and All,
I am not famuilar with "Buzz's...does this look like the correct address?

1309 Southwest 24th Street  (North of Norman a tad?)

Hope to see you there

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Greetings, Namron!
As I have mentioned previously, Namron is hosting THE big Newcomers'
eeting of the year this upcoming Saturday at Buzz's Hidden Castle.
e had a lot of interested people sign up at Med. Fair to find out
ore about us!  We need representatives of every kind of activity that
e practice in Namron to come out and be willing to demonstrate what
t is we do, what we're about, and how new interested people can get
Med. Fair is our biggest public interaction event of the year and the
ollow-up meeting will be our single biggest opportunity this year to
o add new faces to our flourishing barony!  Remember, we'll have a
hole group of people who are taking time out of their schedules and
aking a special trip just to find out more about us.  They WANT to
earn who we are and what we do!
Let's give 'em a great demonstration, a lot of new friendly faces, and
 warm welcome to their new home in the SCA!  The meeting is at 1 p.m.
t the Hidden Castle (aka, Buzz's) this coming Saturday April 3rd.  No
atter what you do in the SCA, bring your stuff and do what you do
est.  Let's give our new friends an enthusiastic welcome they won't
Lord Christopher MacFionndlaigh
amron Hospitaler
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