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It now appears that the dates for Eldern may not be accurate,as that's 
Easter.I'm getting a lot of interest from Eldern and hope to do the show 
there,though.Most of the interest before had been from Wiesenfeuer and Namron 
and since I live in Wiesenfeuer I had thought more in terms of an event up this 
way.Anyway,I still need actors who think they can do three things:1.Tell me you 
can come to Eldern if and when we can arrange to do the show,2.practice your 
lines a bit beforehand,and 3.SHOW UP SO WE CAN DO IT WHEN THE TIME COMES.We 
probably won't have formal rehearsals{maybe we can try to have ONE at the event 
before the show}and it's going to be hard to do this.I'm trying to decide how 
much to cut;I'd rather not cut much but I probably need to cut some.I'm trying 
to think of ways to do special effects....like how do I make the witches vanish 
"into the air"..... point is,learning my lines has been the EASY part.I still 
don't know how many of my actors from Wiesenfeuer and Namron {not to mention 
those from Northkeep}are going to be available at Eldern.SO:I'm working on it 
and still need to know who is likely to be available.Talent is a plus but not a 
requirement.{In fact,I'm sort of looking for folks with good strong voices 
rather than acting talent}AND,as I've said before,I'll let most of my actors go 
on stage with scripts in hand though I do hope you'll know your lines well 
enough that you can read the lines without stumbling over them and without 
needing to look at the script all the time.

Please let me know if you're interested and I'll let you know when we know more 
about the dates.

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The Baron and Baroness of Eldern Hills have given me permission to do the play 
at Eldern and I'm planing do so.Those dates are April 22-24 of next year..We 
might do the play at Namron or Wiesenfeuer later but for now I need actors who 
are willing to go to Eldern.You don't need to do the show at Eldern to be in a 
later performance and vice versa but for now I'm looking for folks who can come 
to Eldern.I have myself in the title role and Duchess Vanessa is cast as Lady 
MacDuff.Still not sure about Lady Macbeth, so there's a big lady's role still 
available.Duke Michael and Baron Artorius have said they're willing to be in 
it,though they're not completely certain they'll be available.Other than that 
all roles are still open so I need to know soon who wants to join me so I can 
make some decisions and start making some plans.

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