[Namron] Orphan's Thanksgiving

Maleah baroness_maleah at cox.net
Fri Nov 12 16:17:44 PST 2010

For those of you who have been asking here is the lowdown on Thanksgiving at our house. Dinner will be served at 2 pm or as close to that as I can get it on the table. We will have roast turkey, smoked turkey, ham, cornbread dressing and the usual insane amount of pies that I like to make. We ask that you bring a dish and a dollar a person for the meat. Please call or drop me a line to let me know what you are thinking about bringing so we don't wind up with 15 green bean casseroles. There will be the usual mad game of trivial pursuit after dinner and what ever else we think of doing. Please bring your folding chairs and prepare to be cozy as the new house hasn't happened yet. If you know someone who needs a place to go, bring them, that's what all this is about. No one should have to spend their holiday alone, they can be part of the ongoing insanity here. For those of you who will be else where, travel safely and you will miss a great chocolate cake! If you need directions call.

Ulf and Maleah
2719 Woodbriar Drive
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