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Greetings unto the Chivalric populace,
My daughter (Lady Anna Fernald) would like to video tape fighting as well as interviewing for a class.   If you could help her in this endeavor at the next fighter practice, please let me know,

We want to talk about the Christanization of Knighthood and we want to work with the fighters if they are willing to work with us. Do you know who regularly goes to heavy fighter practice or who we can talk to about that? Basically what we were thinking about is faking the two types of fealty ceremonies (given mud before Christianization, given a smack in the face after), and if they could explain the equipment of a knight (horse, weapons, armor etc). If they have additional things they KNOW are historically accurate and they want to talk about it then they are welcome to do so. If they aren't comfortable with that we can just tape them fighting and we can do voice overs later. I'm assuming that heavy fighters are always in garb/armor due to the nature of their fighting, but just in case it would be MUCH better if we could at least have 2 guys in garb.
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