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Hello Lovely,

Do mongolian throat singers sound a bit like The Dark Crystal's slow
moving Podlings?

I just checked and I am physically capable of replicating noise that I
think sounds like Mongolian throat singing. I haven't put it to a
tempo or beat, but I could do the chorus behind someone more
knowledgably endowed and with madder skillz.

I shall see if the Brotherhood of The Great Dark Horde (GDH) has any
recorded deep pseudosubsonic throat vibrating ditties.

In the SCA the GDH is a good resource for all thing Mongolian, for
they are. I forwarded your previous last email to The Northern list
and Northkeep's because I know there be Horde Brothers amung'um.

Respect and Loving Gratitude,
Pookie / Swetelove Twyssoday - when I'm visiting The Great Dark Horde

"Life's light dispels all shadows upon the path grown over with truth." ~ Pooky

On Tue, Jul 26, 2011 at 2:00 PM, KATHRYN GORDON <gordon-kathy at att.net> wrote:
> I have been asked what is Mongolian style entertainment I hope this helps
> Mongolian throat singing is the traditional technique, known locally as
> Khoomi. Sounds are produced from very deep in the throat creating an odd yet
> melodic form of song.
> Folk songs always use figurative description to describe things. For
> example, at the beginning of an ancient folk song named Two Black Horses of
> Genghis Khan, the words are: "They're like two pearls; they're like two
> golden flowers; they're like two falling stars -- and they are the two
> horses of Genghis Khan. Their mane is like fire; their heads are like two
> crescents; they are graceful like deer; and their tails are like rainbows."
> The horse head fiddle (morin khuur), supposedly sounds like a wild horse
> neighing. Played with a bow, the fiddle has two strings. The headstock is
> intricately carved into the head of a horse.
> The yatga is a traditional Mongolian instrument, they are commonly found
> with 21 strings, however other variants are also popular. The body is a long
> wooden box angled downwards at one end and laid across the knees. The
> strings are plucked with the fingernails of the right hand. The left hand is
> used to vary the notes produced by the strings.
> The most famous dance are the Jinai dance (milking dance), the Caihong dance
> (rainbow dance), the Zhongwan dance (bowl dance), the Kuaizi dance
> (chopsticks dance), and the Andai dance.
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