[Namron] great wheel for sale on Craigslist

Cynthia Teague cmt1708 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 6 08:47:56 PST 2012

Good morning!  I just spoke with a man who has an ad on craigslist for a
spinning wheel.  From his description (he is not a spinner) he has a great
wheel with all its parts (as far as I can tell) and in good condition.  He
wants $250 for it but also wants to sell it pretty badly because, of
course, these are BIG.  It sounds quite similar to mine, if you've seen
it.  I would consider that a somewhat high price for a great wheel unless
it was in really nice condition but they also are not available around here
all that often.   The listing is here:
and the sale is Friday and Saturday at NW 122nd and MacArthur.  If you talk
to him tell him Cynthia sent you and he might knock a little more off the
price knowing that I am not a backup buyer.

It's a hike from Norman so I am not planning on going, but if you need
someone to help you evaluate the wheel maybe I can manage it.  If you want
to talk about this give me a call at 360-3007.

Happy spinning!

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