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I have no comment on the subject of raffles,  but I hate that you drove all that way to the Med Faire meeting and was not able to attend.  We, as a whole, are pretty bad at looking at it from the new comers point of view.  We try to be an accepting group,  but at times we could do better.  

Its not my place to do so, but would like to point out that our disagreements in public forum will stick here forever, for every new comer to read.  So, we don't have to agree.. But would awesome to show some civility as we explain our points of view.   Not directed at YOU m'lord.  But just in general.


Señor Lorenzo Martin

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On Jan 27, 2012, at 7:36 PM, Michael Coone <felemid.macphail at gmail.com> wrote:

> raffles .....still does not mean... i want to have one ..... just did some research  
> can not find anything in our kingdom by laws outlawing raffles ... only thing listing in national by laws is interstate raffles and any place it is not permitted by law of land ... 
> but it is misleading because the tittle of the subsection of prohibited activities is raffles .. but then it goes on to list only interstate raffles ... or where banded by local laws ... and in laws they are required to define what something is... and all things that are not that item as defined in the law are permitted ... I.E. if the SCA wants to ban raffles ... they need to write the by law saying no form of raffle permitted like they did with fireworks ... you can not buy sell or own fireworks ..... but as the law does not say ignite fireworks ...it is still legal to set them off if you do not buy sell or own them ... lets say Bob owns them and says you can light them...  as long as Bob is not a SCA member... you can set them off with out effecting your SCA member status .... Fire Marshal problems maybe totally different matter ... lol... one of the major problems with law is .... the letter of the law is what wins out in the end ... that is why you take time when writing them.... the spirit of the law.... may give birth to the law ....but when it is all said and done .... how it is written is what matters. 
> here is copy of by law .... 
> from 
> Amended January 24, 2009
> Interstate raffles are prohibited. Raffle tickets may not be sold in localities where such a sale would conflict with contemporary law.
> The purchase, ownership or sale of fireworks is prohibited.
> that is only listing when searching for raffle in by laws .... still does not mean i want to have one .....but there seams to be some debate on legal or not ...i have seen raffles at an event in kingdom that was open to non members ....meaning open to public  ( that 5 buck charge at gate gives them away ) so that gave me the impression that was normal ... then asking about med fair ... as someone who does know ... just moved here ,,, and not read the contract ... to many groups forget there are new people i drove to med fair planing ... and when they called for the start of meeting .. walked in.... and waited for it to start ... no one told me meeting was in back room ... so i drove 25 bucks in gas out to attend a meeting that happened with out me ... 20 feet away ... so this has become my form of contact ...if you make a claim that i can look up .... i will ....if you give a job i will do it to best of my abilities ....if i make mistakes i take my lumps and say sorry ... but in return if you are to be a lord or lady ... knight or marshal .... or any officer ... i feel i can expect somethings from them for holding this rank... it is okay to say.... i don't know... but i will get back to you ... and then follow through .... no one likes being a mushroom .... (kept in dark and fed on crap) .... i ask stupid questions because they are not stupid ... i ask because i don't have the answers..... and most times i ask the people that should have answer or ...if anyone knows who might have answers ... 
> Felemid MacPhail ... 
> MKA Mike Coone 
> On Fri, Jan 27, 2012 at 5:35 PM, Michael Coone <felemid.macphail at gmail.com> wrote:
> i was just stating that the raffle was legal.... not that we where doing one .... or was even possible by our contract or by laws ..... someone else stated they where illegal and that was not the case ... and next time i attend an event that has a raffle ... to help out on something ..... i will be sure to remind everyone how this was addressed to me and not donate a dam thing to it ...hope the money raised at Yule to help Camp Cimmeron(not sure how to spell it ) was approved and not breaking policies .... the only reason i even said anything is it started off with fund raising idea for pop meeting ...  ... and i simply asked few question has had it met with many people rehashing  "no's" ( they also where polite about it) and making an incorrect statement that took 5 minutes  to find out with state laws online ... and free to research .... .. and the posting of 2 of my statements back to back because i failed to notice first one  was still in outbox .... so i posted right after explaining why.... "i sent the post about raffle..... after was stated that would not work ..." based on information that i had got from the group at that time...  
> raffles by state law it is not questionable (unless you are questioning those who would be in charge of them).... by policy ...i have not researched ... that is why i asked and left it at no  .... if you read my post ....but to send the message the way you have ...comes across as both hostile and demanding ... i don't know who you are and if you have a title (answering on behalf of the SCA as a whole) that gives you the power to make statements like that .... but i do not think kindly of it ... if that was not you intentions ... then i am sorry .......but if it was ... then i am also sorry because this kind of behavior hurts more then someone feelings ... it hurts the group .... 
> Felemid MacPhail ... 
> On Fri, Jan 27, 2012 at 1:58 PM, William FitzBubba <fitzbubba at gmail.com> wrote:
> Not a raffle.  Period.  Not only is it questionable with respect to state laws, but it violates Society Financial Policy.  Find another way.
> Care,
> Bubba
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