[Namron] Good Morning Everyone!

Doug Copley doug.copley at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 06:18:25 PST 2012

I read some stuff last night after getting back from Winterkingdom 
(which was great!) that I think was getting blown way out of proportion 
and intent.

When we are talking on e-mail and stuff it is easy for us to jot out a 
quick note that when we write it and send it we are thinking and 
interpreting it based on **OUR** point of view and **OUR** frame of mind 
at the time. Then we send it and rush out the door to work, walk the 
dogs, get to the store, dinner, take care of projects, whatever. Then 
the person receiving it reads it and interprets it based on **THEIR** 
point of view and **THEIR** frame of mind as they are trying to head out 
the door, or maybe they just got home from a really Sh****y day and are 
in a bad mood and then they read and respond . . . and thus starts a war 
of words or and issue that never should have been.

Always try to assume that the note was poorly written and that you may 
not be understanding it the way that it was meant.

Do not ascribe malice to something that can be simple miscommunication.

The people that are on here want the same thing. For the dream to 
continue and grow and for everyone to have fun. They may have different 
versions of what "fun" means or what this thing is we do should grow in 
to but we are all here for good intentions.

If you think someone is being a complete moron or jerk do not continue 
to flame on the list. Stop and just say that you are taking it off-line 
to discuss it and then CALL them or ask them to CALL you. I find a 5 
minute conversation can save days of stupid, hurtful, and misconstrued 

If I offend anyone by this email, I am truly sorry and apologize for any 
offense given. If something on here sounds hurtful or sounds like it is 
against a person ... it was not meant that way, please do not say so on 
the list just call me or message me and I will be happy to talk with you 
on it. Now it is time for me to run out:-)


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