[Namron] Largess Derby at Namron's Protectorate

Julia Holman via Namron namron at lists.ansteorra.org
Sun Aug 28 18:20:35 PDT 2016

I will be hosting a largess derby at Protectorate to help Their Highnesses
have largess for their upcoming reign and Their Excellencies have largess
for the upcoming event season.

Each artisan that wishes to enter shall make seven (7) of any item to be
donated as largess (7 pieces of trim, 7 hats, 7 toys, 7 pairs of socks,
etc). The winner will be selected by populous vote and will receive one
piece from all of the other entries. If there are over 12 entries, we will
also have a Princess’s Choice and a Baronesses’s Choice, each receiving one

The remaining largess items will be split between Their Highnesses and the
Barony of Namron. Need inspiration? Check out the “Largess Makers” Facebook
page or searching for SCA Largess on Pinterest or Google brings up lots of
fun ideas. Too much inspiration? Multiple entries are welcome!

Please let me know if you have any questions!


Lady Julia
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