[Namron] Beltane Planning Meeting Follow-Up

Julia Holman via Namron namron at lists.ansteorra.org
Mon Feb 22 19:45:21 PST 2016

Thank you for everyone that came out to tonight’s Beltane planning meeting
and for everyone that has already volunteered to help make this event

The website and Facebook page will be up soon, but until then here are a
few of the highlights…

·         Beltane will be April 29th-May 1st at Camp Graham Ball.

·         Beltane is host to Namron’s Archery, Thrown Weapons, Bardic and
Foolery championships.

·         In addition to the championships, there will be a May pole,
Celtic games, spang hewing, a spang decorating contest, a comic-book
inspired garb competition, and youth activities.

·         There are also rumors of some potential torchlight and glow in
the dark events Friday night…

We are still needing volunteers for a few of our coordinator positions.

·         Restroom Coordinator (Nasty-crat): Keeping the restrooms clean
and stocked throughout the event. Doing the final restroom clean on Sunday

·         Trash and Recycling Coordinator: Empty the various trash cans in
the hall and on site throughout the event. Gather recycling at the end of
the event.

·         Clean-Up Coordinator: Coordinate the site clean-up efforts.
Includes performing or coordinating volunteers for loose trash pick-up,
sweeping and mopping the main hall, sweeping the five cabins.

·         Celtic Games Coordinator: Run the various Celtic games. Equipment
for games is provided. This position will need a couple of additional
volunteers/judges as well.

·         May Pole and Spang Hewing Coordinator: Run the May pole dance and
the spang hewing.

·         Garb Fashion Show Coordinator: We need someone to run the fashion
show. This includes taking sign-ups and announcing the contestants. Their
Excellencies will be our judges for this event.

·         Afternoon Snack Coordinator: Most likely this will be an ice
cream sundae social in the afternoon, but may be a hot chocolate and
cookies or something similar, depending on the weather. We will have to
wait until a little closer to the event to confirm. This will involve
recruiting and coordinating servers for the social and associated clean up.

We are looking for a few donations as well. If you have anything you can
help out with please bring it to the next populace meeting or let me know
and I can coordinate picking it up.

·         1” wide ribbon for the May pole – any color is fine.

·         Prize basket items to fit the theme of the various
championships(archery, bardic, thrown weapons, fool), spring, spangs
(frogs), comic books, etc. We would especially like being able to include
items from our talented artisans in the Barony.

·         Waterbearing Supplies: Fruit, pretzels, pickles, etc.

Be on the lookout for upcoming planning meetings and a work day. Thank you
for all of your help!

Yours in Service,

Lady Julia Haiduk
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