[Namron] “Share the Dream” Medieval Fair Demo- Final Meeting Notes

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Tue Feb 28 11:09:37 PST 2017

Thank you to everyone who attended and watched via Facebook Live! Please
feel free to contact me directly with any questions you may have. My email
address is kolfinnaofthehorde at gmail.com.


Kolfinna Egilsdóttir

1.       Layout is complete. A .pdf file will be posted in the planning
group on Facebook, and is available by email. Anticipate a few minor
changes, but it's otherwise complete and finalized.

2.       Site security:

·         Tuesday-Sunday: Ian

·         Thursday-Sunday: Raibert, Rebekah, Kolfinna, Yancy, Tribe

·         Recommendations: Solar lights at ropes; bells on rear entrances
to tents; high value items moved to occupied areas for overnight

3.       Load-Out schedules will be posted in advance.

·         Pavilions & tents from outside of Namron- Kolfinna is scheduling
pickup & delivery for the week prior to the fair

·         Namron sheds- Tuesday, 28 March

4.       Set-up schedule is weather-dependent, but will be widely broadcast
as soon as available.

5.       Coordinators: PLEASE ensure that I have a list of anything you
need NLT than March 3rd!!!

6.       Volunteers are still needed for:

·         Youth Activities, especially on Friday. Hands-on activities and
displays. Donations of natural material beads are needed.

·         Waterbearing, all day, every day. Need helpers!

·         SCA Academy. POC is Lady Kersten/Sara Day.  Some ideas for
20-minute workshops incluce: SCA Life, Guild Activities, Weekend Events,
Wars, SCA History, How to get the most out of the SCA as a family.

·         “Far Corner Tavern” Performing Arts stage. POC is Lady
Aibhilin/Bethany Rowlings: Shakespeare Showcase, Bardic Showcase
(traditional SCA songs), Period Music Showcase, Improv Show, and Commedia.
Please ensure that all performance pieces are public domain or are
performed with written permission of the author (provide documentation
prior to performance).

·         Past or current Hospitalers, please contact Lady Uliana/Julia
Haiduk. She needs meeting and practice information for the info booth, and
needs a few shifts filled for breaks and busy times.

·         List Heralds and Marshals. POC is Kitty O’Neal.

·         Court Dancing demonstrations. POC is Lady Angelina/Angela Sanders.

·         Fat Corner Tavern needs volunteers. POC is Sunewa
Karadóttir/Kelly McKinnon.

·         Siege Garden & Guards. POC is Herr Wolfgang.

7.       IMPORTANT REMINDER: Heavy and Light Fighters MUST present current
authorizations and blue card/waiver or you will NOT be permitted to fight
during the demo. We will have helm stickers so you only have to do it once
if you come all three days.

8.       We will have a Combat Archery demo this year. Waivers will be
required for all participants. If you would like to volunteer to assist,
POC is Lord Cian/Cecil Hudson.

9.       Blacksmithing demos have been cleared by the Cleveland County Fire
Marshal, who will conduct a walkthrough Friday morning. Requirements have
been communicated to smiths.

10.   Volunteer sign-in books will be available in all areas. While not a
requirement, we would like to get a count on the number of participants
this year. We will automatically generate a count of fighters while
checking authorizations.

11.   Guest books/SCA information requests will be available throughout the
SCA Embassy. If a patron desires in-depth information during the fair,
please escort them to the Info Booth, where we will have extensive
information available, including meeting & practice times.

12.   Details on each area of the Embassy are online at baronyofnamron.org.

13.   Special Event: Saturday, 1 April, 2:00 p.m.

14.   Demo Etiquette- Please join me in ensuring that we provide an
entertaining and pleasant experience for every patron and volunteer.

a.       Be welcoming and inviting to patrons. We need to be aware of our
body language and tone of voice. We are there for the fair patrons, not the
other way around. Prioritize an approaching patron over concluding your
personal conversations.

b.      I will be onsite during all hours of the fair. The demo area is NOT
APPROPRIATE for gripes, complaints and gossip. Please restrict these
conversations to the Hospitality Tent, or if it is an issue that needs to
be addressed, discuss it with me as soon as possible. All resolvable issues
will be immediately addressed, with priority given to safety issues.

15.   Jarl Owen will present a short workshop on demos and recruitment at
the Namron Populace Meeting, Thursday, March 2.

16.   Kolfinna will attend the Wiesenfeuer Populace Meeting, Monday, March
6, to discuss our demo plans.

17.   If you can offer crash space in the OKC area, please contact Lady
Villana/Kayleigh Metz as soon as possible.
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