[Namron] Capital Expense Proposal Reminder

Seneschal of Namron seneschal at namron.ansteorra.org
Mon Jun 11 20:02:36 PDT 2018

Just a reminder that the Barony is accepting proposals for capital
expenses. This is mainly geared towards one time expenses that are not
currently budgeted. Proposals can be for any dollar amount - from tens of
dollars to several hundred.

If you have an idea of something that would benefit the barony, please
submit a proposal to the financial committee (baron at namron.ansteorra.org,
baroness at namron.ansteorra.org, treasurer at namron.ansteorra.org and
seneschal at namron.ansteorra.org). We will forward proposals to the two
at-large members.

I included an example for the purchase of a new grill and accessories (we
already have this, but it worked well for an example). Your proposal does
not need to be formatted exactly like this, but will need to have similar
information (what you are proposing we purchase, how it will benefit the
group, several prices/quotes, etc.).

If you have any questions, please contact a member of the financial
committee. Proposals are due by the July populace meeting.

Lady Uliana
Seneschal, Barony of Namron
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