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Thu Jan 23 07:34:01 PST 2020

We all do the SCA in our way. Some people are interested in policy and
procedure, so I will endeavor to post news and updates periodically. I was
reminded of this issue by a Facebook post from another group, and it was a
hot topic of conversation at Round Table.

For those who are following the Oklahoma State Tax decisions, I will post
in regards to that soon. On to my first of such posts.


Ansteorran Kingdom Law - III.3.1.A.2. prohibits Landed Nobility from also
holding the office of Seneschal or Exchequer.

Event stewards are Deputy Seneschals for the duration necessary for the
completion of their duties, therefore, Landed Nobility may not serve in
this capacity.

I am attaching the link to Kingdom Law online if you're interested in
reading it. We were told that it will be updated this year, and I will post
when that happens.


In Service,
Frú Kolfinna Egilsdóttir
Seneschal, Barony of Namron
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