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Sharing this information again because it is such a GREAT opportunity!

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Sharing from the Ansteorra list:

Greetings, Ansteorra!

While we have all stayed home and safe, it has been slightly harder to get
those amazing names, devices, and badges completed, submitted, and paid
for. Thankfully! The Society-level College of Arms has a limited-time plan!
They will be holding a consultation table for 3 weeks starting Saturday,
AND taking payments online via Paypal! So no matter what part of the
decision making process you are in for getting items registered, there will
be folks able to help! Please see below for more information!



The SCA College of Arms will be hosting a Virtual Heralds Point for three
weeks beginning on Sunday, Jan 24th. Whether you've been meaning to get
something registered for a while but can't find your local
herald/exchequer, or you're a herald looking for a little more consulting
work, this is a great opportunity to get something moving. Links to the
sign-up forms can be found at http://heraldry.sca.org/heraldspoint/

The best part of this consulting table is that we’ll be taking electronic
payments via Paypal for submissions. So if you’ve been putting off
submitting, this is the time to do it!

The hope is that it will be very flexible, a submitter can enter their
ideas and preferred forms of contact, and a herald will get in touch and
try to help them through the process, either slowly by email over the
course of a number of days, or in one hit over a zoom meeting, whatever it
takes. Sign up today over at http://heraldry.sca.org/heraldspoint/

In Service,
Frú Kolfinna Egilsdóttir
Seneschal, Barony of Namron
Modernly Known As: Kara Hoyle
Pronouns: she/her
Phone: 405-561-1153
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