[Namron] Baronial Planning for the Upcoming Year

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Fri Jan 8 07:53:05 PST 2021

Good Morning Namron!

It was great to see a lot of you at populace meeting last night. For those
that weren't able to make it, we did some brainstorming for the upcoming
year's activities. We would love to have your input as well. We welcome any
feedback, but are specifically looking for feedback in these areas:

   - Virtual Beltane: Will be held the 1st weekend in May. What have you
   enjoyed and would like to do again from other virtual events (ours or other
   groups)? We are not locked in to what has been done in the past - do you
   have any other fun ideas for a virtual event? Are you interested in helping
   this year's Beltane come to fruition? We are still looking for an event
   steward. Because it is virtual, we don't necessarily need a formal bid, but
   please reach out to the seneschal or His Excellency or myself if you would
   be able to help!
   - Virtual Classes: Lady Ellyn, our Minister of Arts and Sciences, spoke
   a bit and is looking for ideas for classes you would be interested in or
   things you would like to teach. She had the idea of doing a sewing machine
   maintenance class (routine upkeep and maybe some troubleshooting) which was
   well received in the group at pop meeting, but she is looking for someone
   to teach it. Please email or message her directly if you have any ideas for
   classes or would be willing to teach a class.
   - Other Virtual Activities: Until we are able to meet again in person,
   are there any other virtual gatherings or activities you would like to see
   (whether a regular thing or occasionally)?
   - Baronial Work Projects: We are putting together a list of projects
   that need completed for the Barony. We know there is some shed maintenance
   needed, but if you have any other ideas or know of other needs, let us know
   and we will add them to the list! They could be ideas for in-person
   workdays once we are able to hold those again or some groups have done
   divide and conquer type projects where different people take on different
   aspects of a project or different smaller projects.
   - Protectorate 2021: As many of you have probably seen, Gulf Wars has
   been rescheduled for October 2-10, 2021. This overlaps with our scheduled
   Protectorate date the first weekend in October. We are looking for populace
   input on Protectorate. Since it will most likely be our first back
   in-person event, His Excellency and I would like to be able to hold it in
   one form or another. We have come up with several options so far, but would
   like more of the group's opinion as well.

We are really looking forward to the upcoming year and would like to hear
from you! Please feel free to email us directly (baron at namron.ansteorra.org,
baroness at namron.ansteorra.org) or message us on Facebook.

-Baron Micolay and Baronowa Uliana

Uliana Haiduk (mka Julia Haiduk)
Baroness of Namron
Lady of Skorragardr
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