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Mon Jan 11 10:47:35 PST 2021

>From the Equinox Herald:

It is with great appreciation for all that she does, that I would like to
thank Honorable Lady Villana Palazollo for all of her hard work that she
has done for the college of heralds. Especially in the office of Sable
Storm Pursuivant.
Villana I wish you luck on your future endeavors. I hope to see you return
once your mundane life allows. I expect that you will be back helping all
of the souls lost looking for a name or device before too long.
In her place I am appointing A'shildr inn Ha'rfagri as the next herald for
the Barony of Namron.
Please congratulate her and keep her busy with all the wonderful heraldic
work that comes out of the Barony of Namron.
I'd like to thank all the applicants. It was truly a tough decision to pick
as all that applied would do an incredible job promoting the heraldic arts.
Lord Donnán Ó Néill
Equinox Herald (Northern Regional)
Kingdom of Ansteorra
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