[Namron] Protectorate Feedback Requested

Baroness of Namron baroness at namron.ansteorra.org
Fri Jan 22 07:23:55 PST 2021

Greetings Namron!

His Excellency and I are seeking feedback on potential new dates for
Protectorate 2021. As many of you know, our typical date the first weekend
of October falls during rescheduled Gulf Wars. In discussions between
ourselves and a few others, we are not comfortable scheduling Protectorate
across from or at Gulf Wars.

Fall is a busy time in the SCA-world, but Kingdom has two options available
on the Kingdom calendar – September 25th and October 23rd. We seek feedback
from the populace on which weekend you would be more likely to attend. We
also seek feedback on whether you would attend a weekend event or are more
likely to just attend for the day (assuming we are able to get a relatively
local site). In the past we had mentioned and looked at doing a combined
Protectorate/Axeman event. While this is still a possibility and we
appreciate the Canton’s flexibility and support with this option, ideally
we would like to schedule a separate event so that they are able to stand
on their own and not be overshadowed by one another. Of course, for this
discussion, we are assuming we are able to operate in a more normal fashion
pandemic-wise. The kingdom calendar is up to date with plans for the fall.
Some notes that might play into whether people would be able to attend:

·         9/3-9/6: Braggarts War

·         9/11: Laurels Prize Tourney

·         9/17-9/19: Ravensfort

·         9/17-9/19: Mooneschadow Triumphe

·         9/24-9/26: Ffynnon Gath

·         *9/24-9/26: Potential Protectorate Date*

·         10/2-10/10: Gulf Wars

·         10/9: Coronation

·         10/15-10/17: Bjornsborg

·         10/22-10/24: Loch Solleir

·         *10/22-10/24: Potential Protectorate Date*

·         10/29-10/31: Seawinds

·         10/29-10/31: Eldern Samhain

·         11/5-11/7: Skorragardr’s Axeman

Our incoming seneschal, Mistress Kyna, has reached out to a couple of local
sites to check their availability for both of these weekends. This
availability will play into our decision as well.
We encourage you to private message us (Brendan Haiduk and Julia Haiduk on
Facebook) or email us (baron at namron.ansteorra.org,
baroness at namron.ansteorra.org).

Thank you,
Micolay and Uliana
Baron and Baronowa of Namron
Lord and Lady of Skorragardr

Uliana Haiduk (mka Julia Haiduk)
Baroness of Namron
Lady of Skorragardr
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