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December's baronial populace meeting will be Thursday December 2nd at 6:30
pm in the Oklahoma Redbud Room at the Norman Central library. Please
remember that activities in Oklahoma require either proof of full COVID
vaccination or documentation of a negative COVID test within 72 hours of
the start of the meeting to attend and everyone ages 3 and over must wear a

We will have a short meeting to discuss a few items - mainly open officer
and event steward opportunities, a little about Gulf Wars, the upcoming
Coronet Tournament, and voting/polling on the barony's donation to the
principality coffers. Then we will have time to socialize and have fun! We
will be having a gift exchange (for those that wish to participate in it).
We may also have some other fun games or activities as well – if you are
interested in helping with an activity or have ideas, please see the
related post below.

Please see posts below for information on the gift exchange and the
donation voting and let us know if you have any questions!

We look forward to seeing you there!

-Baronowa Uliana

*December Populace Meeting Activities

 December’s populace meeting is typically more of a social gathering than
other month's meetings. While we do have a little business to cover at the
beginning of the meeting, we will have plenty of time for fun as well! If
there is interest, we talked about having some games or activities for
those that would like to participate. My original thought was to have some
fun, no-armor/training required indoor versions of our typical competitions
(along the lines of nerf crossbows, indoor axe or "snowball" throwing, pool
noodle sword fighting or jousting, coloring or something else artsy). While
I can help with planning and providing materials and prizes, we need people
to run the activities at the meeting. If you are interested in running a
fun game or have ideas for other less involved activities, please send me
an email or private message on Facebook! The room we have at the library is
large enough to accommodate activities as well as leave room for those that
just want to watch or chat!

**Gift Exchange*

We will be having a gift exchange (for those that wish to participate in

If you would like to participate in the gift exchange, please bring a
wrapped gift valued around $10-15 that is at least semi-SCA related and not
a gag gift. Gifts can be homemade, purchased/new, or gently used! Please
mark on the package if your gift requires the recipient to be 21 years or
older. Similar to past years, we will draw numbers and exchange gifts.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

**Principality Donation Vote*

At the last few meetings we have discussed making a donation to the new
Principality's coffers. This donation will be presented at the coronet
tournament on December 11 so we need to finalize our decision and will be
voting at the beginning of populace meeting on December 2nd.

We are voting between a $500 flat donation or a tithe (10%) of our coffers
which would be around $800-$900 (we will have to get the actual current
amount from the treasurer).

Please reach out to the seneschal (Kylie Alvis Steeley), Baron (Brendan
Haiduk) or Baronowa (Julia Haiduk
if you have any questions. If you are not able to attend the meeting, but
would still like to vote, please email the Seneschal or Baronowa (
seneschal at namron.ansteorra.org or baroness at namron.ansteorra.org) by 6 pm on
Thursday December 2nd with your vote.

Baronowa Uliana Haiduk
Baroness of Namron, Lady of Skorragardr
Modernly known as: Julia Haiduk
Pronouns: She/Her
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