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Pop meeting 5-5-2022

Pop meeting started with a rousing game of “Whats in your Pocketsies?!” Fun
was had by all!

Word Fame:

·          Villana and Jer – Thank you for all the hard work you two put
into Beltane. It was a great event.

·         Thank you to the break down crew. We were able to be off site
WELL before we needed to be.

·         We have new warranted marshals for Thrown weapons. WAHOO

·         Congratulations to Savar, who threw a rock/log over 15 Romani!
(68+ feet)

·         Congratulations to all those in the barony who received Baronial,
Principality, AND kingdom awards!

·         Thank you to all those who served on Entourage

·         Thank you to Master Issac, Thomas de Groot and Lillas McGuffin
for all their help with the scribal needs at Beltane.

A and S Show and Tell

·         Vigdis made a thing (weaving)

·         LADY Hu showed off her award scroll

·         Gwenneth showed her 23rd X-mas stocking she is working on

·         Hunter showed off her German Booty Shorts

·         Annabell showed her Lucet – just something to keep her hands busy

·         Kara talked about the block printing she is doing with OUT Koias

B and B

·         Moc: We had a great turn out at Beltain for the flower planting
class. We had over 10 youth attend, and more that were under the age limit
that attended with their parents. We are working on the youth activities
for Coronet tourney in June and would love any help

·         The Baron and Baroness will be stepping down after 4 wonderful
years. This will take place at Protectorate this year. If you are
interested in being the Baron/ess, please feel free to talk to the Baron or
Baroness, or any of the past Baron and Baroness of Namron.

·         One Pandemic year is equal to a dog year, so the Baron and
Baroness have REALLY been B and B for close to 15 years.


·         We have a few open offices. Lease let us know if you are
interested in any of them.

·         Youth Rapier

·         Youth Chivalric

·         Archery Marshal

·         Social Media

·         Arts and Sciences Office

·         Sefa has stepped down as our Rapier marshal effective now. Savar,
her primary deputy, has stepped into the position.

·         Protectorate bids are open – If you are interested, please turn
in any bids by June business meeting (June 16th) If you have any questions,
please let us know and we can help you.

·         Next weekend is Round table. This is a great chance to take
classes to warrant for offices. If you are interested in an officer
position, this is also a great chance to take the class to see if its
something you may be interested in.

·         My 2-year term is up in January 2023. If you are interested in
becoming a deputy or potentially taking over the position, please let me


·         I am working n getting the rest of the checks together from

·         Thank you to those who helped at Beltane gate

·         We are now working on getting things together for Coronet Gate.
If you are interested in helping, please let me know.


·         We have had a lot of newcomers at our meetings, which is great!

·         We are running short of some things for loner gear and will be
talking about using our budget to help this.

·         Practices are on Wednesday at the southern Oaks Center in OKC.
There is a $2 cover charge per person.

Arts and Sciences

·         Im old. (No you aren’t)

·         I am stepping down as I have accepted a job and am moving to the
DFW area.

·         We will have one final A and S class May 16th , 6-8pm, at the
Andrews Park Ampletheater. I am volunteering to take pictures of anyone and
everyone who shows up, so that you can have a good picture of you, your
family, friends, or anyone else there. Please come in your favorite garb.
Also, this will be a GREAT opportunity to get a picture for your Ansteorra
Wiki age. (What? You don’t have one? Zubedah can help you with that)

Knights Marshal

·         We are still meeting Wednesday at the Station Park in Moore at

·         If you are new, please make sure to bring your own athletic cup,
as we DO have loner armor, but we do NOT have loaner cups.


·         We will have Heraldic warranting classes at Round Table.

·         We are looking for more volunteers before the day of for Coronet

·         I am stepping down in January, so if you are interested in the
position, please let me know.

We Have a Web Site!

Vindheim Seneschal:

·         Both Wiesenfeuer and Eldern Hills have new seneschals.

·         Wyldwood is hosting Kings College about 2 and a half hours from
here. This is an event of nothing but classes. We hope to see you there.

·         In august, Wiesenfeuer is hosting a Baronial event, Vindheim
Missal Academy. Please come out for all things that fly!

·         Coronet tourney Letters of Intent will open soon. Please note:
All letters of Intent are required to have a Championship Tourney Format
for Princes Champion included.

Coronet Tourney:

·         TSH want to have Lots and LOTs of heraldry! Personal, Baronial,
Principality, Kingdom, or anything else. Banners, clothing, covers.

·         The Coronet staff is looking at hotel rates for those that may
need to stay in the area.

·         There will be a new thing – The Consort Social – This is a time
for all of the populous of Vindheim to meet the potential new Princess.
There will be light refreshments. This will take place before the
tournament the morning if coronet Tourney.

·         The Coronet staff will start posting for help with the event. If
you are interested, please let them know.

·         We will also be needing help for the Shed Load out, Keep an eye
on the groups for when and where.

Round Table:

·         Round Table is May 14 and we are still looking for room hosts.

·         The class schedule has been posted, and the classes will run from
9-4, with the State of the Kingdom Meeting at 4pm.

Things of Note:

We will be unloading from Beltane Sunday at the Phred Shed at 10. Many
hands make for light work. If you need directions please let me know.

Tavern, which was ran my Mistress Adena, brought ins over $150! Thank you
for your hard work.

Firestorm Ink is still meeting via Zoom on Tuesdays and will resume monthly
in person meetings soon.

Oak Springs is hosting a “Lets go through Loaner Garb” Day. Saturday May 7th
at the Ada Library at 10am. Come one come all.

Events Up Coming:

·         Coastal Baronial is this weekend, May 6-8

·         Round Table is coming up in about a week (May 14th). This is a
virtual event.

·         Northkeep Castellan is May 20-22in the Tulsa area

·         Memorial Day weekend has 2 events:  Valor in Calontir in Wichita
KS and Steppes Warlord in the DFW area.

·         Coronet is June 18th and is NOT a virtual event.

In Service,
Baroness Kyna Terricsdottir
Seneschal, Barony of Namron
Modernly Known As: Kylie Steeley
Pronouns: She/Her
Phone: 405-6261037
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