NR - An opinion from the Southern Region...

Decker, Terry D. TerryD at Health.State.OK.US
Mon Apr 13 09:00:26 PDT 1998

> Ahh!  Word fame!  The highest form of praise.  The North is viewed as an
> example.  Who'd have thunk it?  Whether we in the North ever turn in to a
> Principality or not,  we who have been playing recently have left an
> impression on the rest of the kingdom, a strong impression of group
> identity.
> Everyone keep it up, and maybe they'll start asking us for advice! :)
> -Ulf
We've been an example for years.  Why occassionally there have been those
who thought it was a great idea, the North hanging together -- an orchard of
gallows fruit.

The group identity has been there since Ansteorra was a principality.  The
regional structure has given us the opportunity to exploit it.

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