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John Ruble jruble at
Mon Apr 13 07:39:40 PDT 1998

For better or worse, we have made an impression on the rest of the kingdom.
Here's something that was posted on the Southern mailing list (and cross
posted on the Ansteorran Heralds mailing list):

> Donal O Dochartaigh spoke about the South staying a region:
> > > Would it allow us the
> > >opportunities of forging new traditions, composing new songs, creating
> new
> > >ceremonies, and strengthening the delicate bonds we already have with
> our
> > >nearer neighbors?
> YES, by the Gods! If you want an example of a region that plays
> together and does all those things, take a look at the Northern
> Region! They have a regular warlord tourney, they form a unit at war,
> and everyone in every branch knows all the dirty little details of
> everyone else's internal politics - and occasionally meddles in them!
> THAT'S  a group identity!
Ahh!  Word fame!  The highest form of praise.  The North is viewed as an
example.  Who'd have thunk it?  Whether we in the North ever turn in to a
Principality or not,  we who have been playing recently have left an
impression on the rest of the kingdom, a strong impression of group

Everyone keep it up, and maybe they'll start asking us for advice! :)


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