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Karen Evans said something that sounded like:
>     This discussion has shown up on this list periodically for the
> last couple of months, and it has been nice to air our opinions, and
> see what opinions others have.

As well, the southern, central and western regions have discussed.
Coastal is surprisingly quiet.

>      In order to become a Principality, (I know that if I am wrong on
> any of these steps, HE Gunhilda among others will step in and correct
> me)

Let me!!!

(Btw, when I'm out of line, someone smack me.)

You have to meet the following:

2. Principalities. A principality is a part of a kingdom which has the
   right to select a reigning Prince and Princess by combat. A branch
   or contiguous group of branches within a kingdom may petition
   for principality status if the resulting entity would fulfill the
   requirements listed below.

   a. At least 100 subscribing members.
   b. A full staff of prospective Great Officers, each of whom is
      acceptable to the kingdom officer responsible for the direction
      of that aspect of Society activity, and such other officers as
      kingdom law and custom may require.
   c. A name and device registered with the College of Arms. 
   d. Consensus favoring advancement in branch status, among the members
      in the proposed principality.
   e. A record of well-attended events together with regular study or
      guild meetings, demonstrations, and other educational activities for
      the benefit of the members and the community at large.
   f. Sufficient members of the orders conferring Patents of Arms to
      foster the development of those orders and the skills they represent
      within the principality.
   g. Sufficient fighters of such caliber as to provide appropriate
      competition for the Coronet.
   h. A body of principality law which provides for the maintenance and
      succession of the Coronet, and for any other matters delegated
      or permitted by the parent kingdom. Draft laws, in the form they
      will be presented to the victors of the first Coronet Lists, must
      accompany a petition for principality status.

Note: Your Regional officers may not want the extra duties involved with a


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