NR - Principality (there I said it)

John Ruble jruble at
Tue Apr 14 10:11:27 PDT 1998

Baric said:
> Besides meeting the requirements, a new principality should have a method
> of
> raising funds stated in writing, a bank account to handle those funds, and
> a
> principality newsletter, which normally requires collecting and accounting
> for subscriptions.
> Bear
Should?  I assume you mean this would be A Good Idea, but is not required by
any of our regulatory laws, by-laws, pamphlets, and gum-wrapper notes.

I agree with the spirit of what you stated, though I could argue about the
particulars.  Is there someone out there that can enlighten my as to the
official way principalities are funded, i.e. does it come out of Kingdom
accounts from membership dues, or just from voluntary donations?

(I understand that the Principality newsletter is a privately funded,
subscription based entity, not included in any membership dues.)


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