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Mon Apr 13 18:47:18 PDT 1998

> > Besides meeting the requirements, a new principality should have a method
> > of raising funds stated in writing,

The *kingdom* doesn't even have an official policy in writing about 
raising funds. We found that out a few years back when we tried to 
do a kingdom budget.  It's just about impossible to do a legitimate 
budget without some source of regular income - something Ansteorra 
does not reliably have.  I think the only official source of income 
the kingdom has is the "event" tax on groups that host kingdom level 
events.  I'm not sure if a principality would be able to do something 
like this, or not.  

> Ulf asked:
> Is there someone out there that can enlighten my as to the
> official way principalities are funded, i.e. does it come out of Kingdom
> accounts from membership dues, or just from voluntary donations?

I have no idea on this one.  I'll try to check the Corp. Treas. 
Handbook and see what it says.  One thing I am sure of is that no 
money goes to the Principality from membership dues - like no money 
goes to Baronies and Shires.  The subscription thing is probably a 
definite, *if* the principality decided to publish a newsletter.  
Said newsletter is not a requirement by anything I've found.

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