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>Baric said:
>> Besides meeting the requirements, a new principality should have a method
>> of
>> raising funds stated in writing, a bank account to handle those funds, and
>> a
>> principality newsletter, which normally requires collecting and accounting
>> for subscriptions.
>> Bear
>Should?  I assume you mean this would be A Good Idea, but is not required by
>any of our regulatory laws, by-laws, pamphlets, and gum-wrapper notes.
>I agree with the spirit of what you stated, though I could argue about the
>particulars.  Is there someone out there that can enlighten my as to the
>official way principalities are funded, i.e. does it come out of Kingdom
>accounts from membership dues, or just from voluntary donations?

Principality's are funded through donations, fund-raising (ie part of event
profits from principality events),  and subscriptions from a principality
newsletter.  This is much like shires and baronys are funded now.

>(I understand that the Principality newsletter is a privately funded,
>subscription based entity, not included in any membership dues.)

That is correct.


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